Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm here!!! It seems to have taken forever, but I overcame much to get here. I'm just thankful to God for being Almighty and giving me his traveling grace to make it here safe and sound, as well as all the other peregrinos. I am truly blessed not to have incurred any blisters and illnesses and I was also fortunate enough not to cave into the boys antics about urinating outside, lol. When all is said in done, I just know I couldn't have ever made it through this journey without the goodness of my God!!!


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Cheryl said.......Isn't a great comfort to know wherever we go God is with us and since He doesn't sleep He is always available and always watching. Believe me there were many of us parents, grandparents, friends supporting all of you perrengios with our prayers for your health and safety and I don't doubt that they were all answered. Another chance for God to show His power and glory. AMEN !!

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