Sunday, July 23, 2006

another 5 bite the dust...

yesterday was unquestionably the worst day of my life. as we climbed the pass, a mild nausea slowly began to overtake me. i dismissed it simply as altitude sickness, or acid indigestion, or my mind playing tricks on me--it had to be anything other than Alecs horrible disease. Well, I was wrong.

As Casey, Paul and I came down the mountainside, Casey said he was feeling sick. I immediately said the same and we agreed to rest for a short while. After sharing some indigestion tablet stuff, we continued on. After only another 10 minutes, Casey and I both pulled to the side of the trail and within two minutes, Casey was throwing up. Five minutes later, I did the same.

After making it into town, this horrific pattern continued every half hour for the next three hours. We were literally on a five minute delay from each other. As the rest of the group slowly made their way into town, we found out that Kate and Chun-Yi had been infected too. Then I wake up this morning to find Allie had thrown up in the middle of the night as well. Santiago´s revenge is slowly striking us all down.

At the moment, I believe I hold the record of throwups with 10, although I forgot to ask Alec how many he had when he was sick. But, all you folks back home, please don´t worry; all of us that had gotten sick over the last 24hours are almost back to 100%. Kate even managed to walk today (which I am very jealous of and as a result, we can no longer be friends).

Well, time to catch a taxi to the next town and try eating something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when I have been so well entertained by a story about "throwups". I am really sorry about this development but grateful for quick recoveries. Paul escaped from the sound of it but he suffered earlier in the trip with a prolonged episode of a similar nature. (To Paul - Hanan and children are in the air but not without further adventure. Thank God all are safe.) Ten Cuidado all you Peregrinos!!
Paul's Mom

7:16 AM  
Blogger edenharris said...

Perry, Casey, Kate, Chun-Yi, Allie-

So sorry you had to all suffer through Santiago's revenge! It's bad enough when you have the comforts of home, let alone traveling. I just hope the bug has gotten bored with the Michigan crew and decided to move on. You have all become such close friends...I'll bet you'd have come up with a better bonding experience if you'd had the chance to nominate alternatives...

We're continuing to think of you and wishing you all a speedy recovery and great health for the rest of your journey!
Janet/Alec's Mom

1:10 AM  
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